A Gathering Storm at Sunset

Phoenix to Windfall 10 13 2015 088

A gathering storm at sunset greeted my return to my distant home,
The sun given only the slightest piece of sky as darkened clouds
Settled across the hillside, itself shorn of its crops;
All in anticipation of a cold damp rain that invited memories
Of past vibrant fall days rapidly yielding to harsh winters.

My mailbox, earlier filled by the postman in his battered jeep
Now occupied my attention as I made my way through offers, bills, and magazines
Ignoring the magical art The Universe was busy painting on the horizon
Until the piercing light flowed from hilltop to my colorblind eyes.

My lap full of mail, I slowly guided my car away from the end of the drive
And saw the gathering storm at sunset not only with my eyes and heard its few
Heavy rain drops not only with my ears, but disembarked from my vehicle
And became one with it as I experienced the magic of The Universe.

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