Living, Eyes Full

Windfall October 19 2015 033
My journey through dumb luck into this paradise of miracles,
From numbness to expanding consciousness
Continues to take exactly as much time as I need;
The multiplicity of my follies amuses me.

Pushing against self-imposed limits of my mindset and emotions,
I endeavor to embrace and experience passion
And know my connections to all around me
On all levels in each moment.

Sweet, sweet mindfulness…

Living, eyes full momentarily of light,
Allowing my bliss to vanquish fear and doubt,
Honoring those around me as equals.

Finding light, even when my eyes can’t see it,
Considering the light, even when my mind won’t allow it,
Embracing the sun above my storm clouds
Knowing that more than all my “this” exists,
That my rainbows are waiting at my redeeming
Passages from raging storms to gentle sunlight.

After all, isn’t belief beyond knowing
Giving in to faith not the same as giving up?

Sometimes my believing has a basis only in my heart
Though it always involves being aware.
My faith is incomplete
Without my surrender
To The Angels
Who simultaneously raise me above the mundane
While keeping me grounded.

Faith and surrender:
Being my path,
Being in my moment,
Asking The Angels,
“Are you with me?”
And listening with my soul
To their answer.

“Yes,” they always respond
I laugh at myself
Having needed to ask yet again.

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