Second Row Down, Second from the Right (This Intuitive’s Playground)

October 19 PM Windfall 007

I won money in the lottery.
Not just once, but twice.

Wait, there’s more:
I won
Twice within one day,
Twice within fourteen hours.

That’s not the whole story
Because I’ve done that several times before:
I picked the winning tickets
Because I was instructed
My Inner Voice.

THAT’S NOT even ALL of it:
I’ve won
That way many times before.
I just
Won more in one day
Most people
I know
Make in a month
I knew
Exactly which tickets
To pick
After I asked The Angels
If they were with me: they sent me.

Abundance, abundance, abundance!
Is not about money
But about
Feeling worthy and being grateful
Embracing miracles
No matter how they manifest.

Abundance, abundance, abundance!

“Second row down, second from the right,”
My Inner Voice said as I drove from my house.
I knew which store because
I saw it in my mind’s eye.

“Location, location, location!”
My Inner Voice
“Location, location, location!”
Laughing at myself
I saw the ticket machine
Its big plastic buttons
Before my body arrived at the store
Before my body walked past the racks
Of potato chips and pork rinds.

The worlds
Inside my head
Inside my soul
Are this intuitive’s playground.

In bliss
(Beyond desire and desperation)
My hands danced along
With The Angels.

“Thank you, Great Spirit,”
I said afterwards
Just as I had every time before.

And, this morning,
It happened again
At another machine
In another town,
But it’s all the same:
Abundance, abundance, abundance
The blissful dance with The Angels.

October 20 2015 016

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