Sometimes Fear Wins

November 19  2015 Windfall 057

I am curious.
I will look out my windows.
I will open my doors.

Who are you?
Are you like me?
Do you pray to my God?

I am uncertain now.
I will close my windows.

Do you eat my food?
Do you walk and talk
The way that I do?

I am caution now.
I will close my doors.

Are you one of those?
Do you want to kill me?
Are you one of them?

I am suspicion now.
I will lock my windows.
I will lock my doors.

Your words sound strange.
Your skin is the wrong color.
You smell funny.

I am fear now.
I will arm myself
With words and weapons.

I know who you are.
You are not like me.
Your god is not my God.
You do not love.
You do not belong.
You are pathetic, vile.

Sometimes fear wins
And you will never be me
And you will never be near me
And you will always go back
To whatever, wherever
You and your kind come from.

Sometimes fear wins.
I will sleep well now.
I will pray to my God
With my doors
With my windows
With my mind
Closed and locked tight.

But why do I hear
Angels weeping
Out in the street?

3 responses

    • Thanks for the read and the comment. I have struggled with my own fears and feel that much of the concern about the Syrians is based on fear.


      • I appreciate your honesty about your struggle with fear. I think humans may be hardwired to fear those who look differently than us. But differences can be exaggerated, and love is certainly a way around that fear. It seems like that is the path you are choosing. If so, I am glad to see it. I’m trying to walk it myself.

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