One Year On (This Path)

Santa Fe November 10 2015 051

One year on (this path)
Boredom has evolved into stillness,
Solitude has blossomed into love,
Desperation has evolved into miracles.

Evolving, evolving, evolving
Beyond the interpersonal
Beyond the material
Into even more spiritual.

From monk to spouse
A 2200 mile wide house
Not big enough
For this love, this life.

We see with our DNA
Angels lining our path
And we hear their gentle whispers.

One year on (this path)
And our way is not plotted
Though it’s so much clearer than
It’s ever been.

One year on
Of Fox and Owl,
Of “coolness,”
Of “fantabulous,”
Of “dude”
As our path
Went from
Windfall to Tempe,
Sedona to Seattle,
Philadelphia to Maine,
Santa Fe to Niagara Falls:
She and me to The Lovers.





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