PHL Sunrise

Sedona Thanksgiving November 26 2015 129

They come
Bringing their bags
Dragging their children.

They’re in baggy jeans
Exercise shorts and baseball hats.

Talking, quietly
Yelling, laughing
Or, mostly in silence
Except for shoes click-clacking.

Holding onto their purses
Or, pulling their rolling bags
As their hands clutch
Their boarding passes.

It’s PHL sunrise
And I smile
As I hear the sounds
Of Spanish, English
And other languages
Flowing to the background
Of Stevie Wonder.

They have dogs,
Kids on rolling cases
That double as kiddie cars.

A couple stops
As I compose.
They see the sunrise
As he holds a bottle
To the mouth
Of his daughter
Strapped to his chest.

“Pretty, isn’t it?”

He nods.
His wife (she looks)
Nods and smiles.
Then they walk away,
Pleased to have found
The PHL sunrise.

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