The Empath (You Are Not My Mirror)

Windfall Armenia MT 3 3 2016 496 Final

You are not my mirror
Even when
Look at you
And see
Parts of me.

You are not my heart
Even when
I experience
You are
As if we are one.

You are not my mind
Even when your thoughts
Are so strong
That they feel as though
They are mine.

You are not my dreams
Even when my nights
Are filled with images
From your waking world.

You are not my life
Even though the boundary
Between you and I
Is invisible to me at times.

You are not my body
Even when my body
Feels your pain
Simultaneously with you.

You are not my soul
Even though we are connected
In the here,
In the then,
In the future
And all other planes
Where time has no meaning.

You are not my salvation
Even when our connection
Feels real and intense;
We will instead evolve
To our own separate places
Without tragedy or remorse,
But with celebration and bliss.

I am not any of you.
I am merely a visitor
Flowing through you;
Not owning you
Not taking you
Not controlling you,
But merely loving you.

I am
The Empath;
Seeing, knowing, being you
For purposes far beyond
My understanding,
For reasons far beyond
My articulation, and
For realities far beyond
My mundane life.



© copyright 2016 John David Higham

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