Questions Seven

Sedona July 7 2015 039

When called
By the wind
By the birds
By the clouds,
Will you know enough
To listen and silence
All the mundane turbulence
That pollutes your soul
And steals your energy?

When called
By the owl
Will you listen with your soul
And find the deception in others
And yourself?

When touched
By The Angels
Will you then touch the hearts of others
Like when you were a child
And your world was vivid as
Endless summer days?

When miracles
Blaze your path
Will you stop and thank
The Universe,
Accept that you are worthy,
And give as freely
As you have been given?

When called
By the mountains
Will you allow yourself to become
More of an explorer then you imagined
You could ever be?

When the sun
Fills your soul,
Will you stop the flow
By posing demanding questions
Whose answers are as empty
As their meanings?

When being reborn
Will you
Become one,
In your faith now so strong
You know it only by living it?

These questions I ask
Of you
Of me
And answer not with words.



© copyright 2016 John David Higham

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