This Journey of Journeys (Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry)

PHL to SETAC to Sedona 3 20 16 331

This journey of journeys
I have just taken
Across highways
Slow and fast,
Across the sky,
High and low;
How I laughed,
How I loved,
How I created,
How I evolved.

This journey of journeys
When I spoke,
When I sat in silence,
When I touched LoverWife,
When I meditated,
As numerous worlds
Passed my windows,
Embraced my consciousness,
And flowed through my soul.

This life beyond those lives
I had previously lived;
Those myriad preparations
Which have brought me here.
This me now way beyond me then
Past the me,
Past the who
Once along,
Once were
My path;
Their spirits not forgotten
And their lessons not forsaken
Though the latter are memories
And passionate inspiration for
Evolving wisdom,
Evolving adventures
On my journey of journeys.


© copyright 2016 John David Higham

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