Can You Receive Your Gifts?

September 26 2015 113


In the morning
When your fears wake you,
Can you instead
Hear the sunrise
Call your name?
Can you listen to the morning birds
And know their song
Is your song too?

Can you see
Your gifts all around you
Before the mundane
World throws obstacles
In your path?

Can you see
The tree and know
How you
Are that tree,
Strong and proud,
Connecting to both
Ground and sky?

Can you see
The wind and know
That you are moving
As it is moving,
The both of you
Gliding over,
Gliding around obstacles?

Can you see
The deer and know
That you are gentle,
That you can be gentle
To yourself and
Polluting your moments
With worry,
Polluting your moments
With fear?

Can you see
The grass growing
On the hillside
And know that
Such simple beauty
Is your beauty
In both
The here and now
For an eternity?

Can you touch
Your heart
And send yourself
Love and comfort
The way you
Would a hurt child?

Can you receive the gifts
You are being given;
Can you know your gifts?

Accept your gifts
For even the simplest one
Is a great blessing
And will help you
See The Angels.



© copyright 2016 John David Higham

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