The Universe Told Me (The Droplet)


The Universe told me
To contemplate
The numerous miracles
Of the droplet.

Though it can fall for infinity
And land with a splat,
It is not destroyed.
It can be absorbed
Or, if rejected
Finds its way across a surface
While simultaneously
Gently wearing it away.

Heat does not destroy it,
Instead transforming it into steam, into vapor
So that it may become airborne
And carried about by the winds,
Its evolution creating the beauty of mist rising,
Rainbows and clouds.
Indeed, it can become fog

Cold turns it into an expanded substance
That breaks through all confining prisons.

It has the power to suffocate fire
While being necessary for all life;
Partnering with air and sun
To help make things grow.

Under pressure it flows, its strength
Gathering with each additional drop around it,
Having the power to gouge great channels
In solid rock.

It gracefully accepts the shape of its container
Though always finds its way through
Even the smallest of openings.

It flows naturally toward other droplets
To help create creeks, streams,
Rivers, bays, and oceans possible only
When they are in the same exact spot.
The Universe taught me
To become the droplet;
To splat,
To flow,
To transform,
To break through,
To suffocate flames that harm,
To nurture,
To partner,
To be,
To accept,
To find my way,
To merge.


© Copyright 2016 by John David Higham

Photo: Anniversary View at Niagara Falls (May 10, 2016)




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