I (The Artist)


I (The Artist)
Know this world
Inside my head
Fueled by dreams
That ignite my soul.

I (The Artist)
Live in worlds
Handed me in bits
And pieces
And dreams
And scents
And distractions
And sounds
And wide-eyed faces
Caught in the passing smiles
And muted giggles
Of joy
I join into
With each flutter
Of my fingers
On this keyboard
On this literary dance floor
From which all my glories
Wash over
All those damned distractions
I must call life.

I (The Artist)
Laugh at my follies
And silly pursuits
As decades pass
And allow me to
Know living
Know connection
Beyond ambition
In those moments when
Word and I and Reader are one
As all those readers know
The union of reader and word
Render all else insignificant.

© 2016 by John David Higham: All Rights Reserved
Photo: Writer’s Paradise (Windfall, 12/18/16)

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