Sky Eagle River


Don’t be afraid to be the sky
And share your beauty and inspiration
So that all will look up at you
And see themselves

Be endless in your passion your life
And see the love in all
No matter if your mind makes them
Of your above of your below

Be boundless in your life your space
And open to others being within it
Breathing in your air
As you breathe in theirs

Don’t be afraid to be the eagle
And show others how to fly alone
Even before they’ve grown their wings

Be generous with your gifts your wisdom
And stay grateful to receive all things
From all who you encounter
While you soar

Be patient in your flight
With those who aspire as you did you do
Hope and aspiration
Lifts many an otherwise grounded wing

Don’t be afraid to be the river
And quench the thirst of those who drink
And cleanse wash their wounds
That would otherwise stain them

Be patient when they block they impede
And instead bounce off
Always cleansing always connected always flowing

Be willing to join others
Yet know when you need to transform
Evaporating up to the sky
Crashing back down to Earth

Don’t be afraid to be the mountain
And stand firm in your storms
Remaining formidable to your foes

Be open to allowing others to explore
Your vistas your dark crevices
As you both discover your mysteries

Be fearless in allowing the river
To erode your valleys your gorges
And turn your stone into rich soil
That helps feed others you may never know

Don’t be afraid to be the wind
And blow away fears while bringing passion
To those in the doldrums and caught in their webs

Be forceful and present in your passion
Be quite and still in your solitude
Carrying voices like secrets
Accepting that they are not yours

Move around move over
As obstacles mean nothing
Though beware the collision of hot of cold
That can mold you into a tornado
That can mold you into a hurricane

Don’t be afraid to be the rock
And allow others to balance on your firmness
To see beyond their worlds beyond their limits

Be resolute and know when to yield
Accept that you must become the soil
And be transported by the wind the rain
As part of your journey off your mountain

Don’t be afraid to be the sun
And illuminate both your path and those on it
With your abundant hope and optimism

Shine light accept light
Others give off by just being
No matter their universe
Illuminate their darkness your darkness
Heat your cold their cold

Sky eagle river
Mountain wind rock and sun
Be each at your time
Know each in your day
As each calls to you

© Copyright 2017 by John David Higham. All rights reserved.

Photo: Being at Thirty-Five Thousand Feet

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