Hero (No More)

Sunset 5 1 2020

So much wanting all the right words
Knowing the right times to say them
Being The Teacher
The Father
The Guru

Knowing how to cheer the discouraged
Heal the wounded
Love the unloved

So badly I wanting
To be and never not to be
Everything to anyone
Being or feeling less than
Who I saw
Who I felt
In their possible futures
Traumatic pasts
And turbulent here and nows

Fool was I
Casting myself supine before them
Like pearls tossed before swine
So they may crush me with thick teeth
And betray me for ego’s ego sake

Fuck (oh, fuck)
Longing to make their hells
Into heavens
To turn their tears
Into rainbows
Fuck (oh, fuck me now)
So needing praise and admiration I
Instead of love I needed

Hero no more…

Copyright © 2020 by John David Higham: All Rights Reserved
Photo: The Hero Finds A Sunrise (April, 2020)

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