Desire Laid Bare

Sunset (Lewisburg, October 2020)
I want to go
Walking on the ocean
And feel
Waves crashing through my toes
As wind
Whistles through my soul
And salt
Cleanses my soiled flesh
I long to go
Swimming in the earth
Kissing worms
As they slide along my lips
While I
Dive toward the magma’s embrace
I yearn to go
Skyward as if dust scattering into clouds
And pulling up
Greenest grasses, tallest trees
With me
Birthing sunsets and rainbows
I desire to be
On water, land and sky that elusive lust
That transforms
Everyone it embraces into satiated
Lovers of life
Masters of their own evolution
Copyright © 2020 by John David Higham: All Rights Reserved

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