The Road

Expansion joint by expansion joint
I keep finding myself here
I keep knowing myself here
Every time I'm behind my wheel

Everyone is no one here
No one is everyone here
Including me
In my steel glass rubber pod
Zipping or crawling
Watching the worlds pass
From sunrise to sunset

My windshield the observatory
To lives off disregarded exits
Stories of faith grit and hope
All magically fading
In my rear view mirror

Endless worlds lay ahead
The black snake-like serpent
That invites me to ride its back
Into remote corners of my soul
Past places with memories
Into worlds of my future

My little pod is always 
As the outside one is always
Sparking my need to grow

Meditation chant CD
Playing, playing, playing
A mantra 
Accompanying the mandala
Mingling in the air
My pod moves aside

Voice recorder my co-pilot
My silent muse smiles at the scenery
Hanging onto my every word
Conveyed in verse ideas or dialogues

To be and to go
In motion yet still
An alchemy of consciousness

It is here
On my road
That my dreams are born
My enemies bested
And my nightmares go lucid
So that I may tame 
My wildest beast within 

Today this road will pause
This traveler will rest
Tomorrow I shall find
Yet another journey 
To take down yet another road
Expansion joint by expansion joint

Copyright 2020 by John David Higham: All Rights Reserved

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