Car Porn

bimmers and benzes
porsches and bugattis
zoom boom
i want ’em all

g-wagens and teslas
all crankin’ to redline
twerkin’ with torque

bentleys and rolls
poshin’ and glammin’
floatin’ and gloatin’
glidin’ and slidin’
you know you’ve got it
when those backseats
are yours

car porn is the best
sheet metal
pulled so tight
over aluminium blocks
makes me so hungry
i can taste it

makes me so horny
i can feel it
the sex of speed
and rollin’ pure glam
over hill and dale

lovin’ all this and that
new rubber massagin’ asphalt
zoom zoomin’
zip zippin’

turns goin’ to cummin’
fast faster faster
to one constant ‘gasm
way past redline

copyright 2019: all rigjts reserved

photo: Next Ride? (X-7, 12/19)