will u b my4ever blue sky

will u b my 4ever blue sky
of endless possibilities
punctuated by wispy clouds
of transient doubt

will u hear w/me
ghosts crying nightly
mere memories
not prophesies

as 2being1
will u speak truths
only us2 will hear
in our souls

will u come& go
with me
neither leader
nor follower

will u blossom
as i bloom
as i falter

will u b my4ever

“yes,” we said
the Word
in our4ever

copyright, 2020: all rights reserved

photo: my4ever blue sky (January, 2020)

upon (sound) healing

become the dust
flow through my pores
soak into my blood
alter my dna

my eyes materialize
within your darkest night
paired sunrises or sunsets
only you know which
in each passing moment

touch what you will
you will touch me
we two mingling in breezes
cascading before the sun
in our rainbow
only others can see
only we can feel…

copyright 2020: all rights reserved

photo: SunSetsoon (January, 2020)

didKnot feel like dyin2day

snow turned winter brown2white
muffled sounds of goodyears ‘gainst pavement
as i sped along backroads
fetch erranding LoverWife’s parcel

didKnot feel like dyin2day
instead found a song
4 inspiration 2 write
another feature screenplay
wrote a poem ’bout pTsD
watched TV and a film
with LW

five weeks until Sedona
flying A321@PHL2PHX
smiles (of course)
who cant be happy
@30k ft (tell me, tell me)

2easy2ache4others pain
no: bSelfish2day
had2holdMEtight in life’s embrace
so much life2day
so much beauty2day

hell around isKnotting others
fingertrap and gordian
tying us all down
when 4getting
we doKnot feel
like dyinInside2day


copyright 2020: all rights reserved
photo: squallB4passing (January 2020)


i am magic now
seeing with my soul
moving the needle in another’s soul and world
with my words, energy and love

like metaphysical radar
pain comes into my consciousness
my mind’s eye sees it all
feeling all their darkest fears
while knowing their
rightful owner
without owning their fears

empathic vision work precognition
those words mere approximations
of this healing flow

i find something about their lives, their bodies, their essences to love with all my being and all my strength

when i do, my mind’s eye
opens like a spiritual spigot

i send energy to them
i send in The Angels

thick and fluid healing light wrapping around them
healing them
building their path
one pebble at a time

i send without agenda
remaining open to The Universe directing my role

at that moment of bonding
a great sense of release
frees my soul forever
from pain, angst and fear
i had when known theough that troubled soul

as magic makes manifest on their path, i become like a balloon gently drifting upward

i am magic then

in these words
as your eyes read
and your soul embraces
this spirit flowing, sense
The Angels i am sending you

you are magic now

copyright 2019: all rights reserved

photo: Butterfly Spread (12/7/19)

Silence (Questions Two)


Who are you who walk away without speaking
As if we never existed

Who am I now accompanied
Only by memories and silence
And must again believe in the nothingness of us

Wise, I must let go
Wiser for our shared moments
Even more so for this solitary one

Copyright © 2019 by John David Higham: All Rights Reserved
Photo: Reaching (July 2019)

BeDoKnow (A Chant)

September 26 2015 173

BeDoKnow                                                Love
KnowBelieveBreathe                            Love
BreatheEmbraceFeel                            Love
FeelLoveNow                                           Love
BreatheLoveNow                                    Love
KnowLoveNow                                        Love
BreatheLoveNow                                    Love
BeLoveNow.                                             Love

BeDoKnow…                                             LoveLoveLove

I Apologize 2 No 1

September 26 2015 111

I Apologize
4 being
Even IF.

I apologize
4 being
Even IF
My being makes
U uncomfortable.

I apologize
4 living beyond
My past pain
4 loving beyond
My past loves
Even IF
U can’t embrace that.

I apologize
4 not being good enough
4 not being man enough
4 not being nurturing enough
Even IF
U can’t honor my path.

I apologize
4 knowing souls
4 dancing with spirits
4 experiencing other’s feelings
Even IF
That scares
And doesn’t fit
In your narrow mind.

I apologize
4 being like a tree
4 reaching skyward
4 growing deeper my roots
Even IF
U can’t be inspired,
U can’t grow, and
U can’t be alive.

I apologize
4 being a grounded dreamer
4 writing my soul
4 the worlds inside my head
Even IF
U judge,
U mock, and
U condemn.

I apologize
4 really loving me
Even IF
U r envious
U can’t be a miracle, and
U can’t embrace miracles.

I apologize
4 embracing bliss
Even IF
U flock to pain,
U welcome hurt, and
U seek out disappointment.

I apologize
4 honoring U
4 honoring your path,
Even IF
U can’t give 2 me
The same honors.