July 14 2015 Sedona and Phoenix 124

I love the power and the thrust
That define takeoff,
The speeding faster than anything
On the ground;
The plane an extension
Of all of my power
Of all of my might
Of all my muscles
Of all my passions,
The jets sucking air
In like my soul summons
The power of The Angels
Flowing through my every cell
While slamming me through
The mundane world
Lifting me suddenly upward
Above what was once my life
And granting me new perspectives
On yet another journey.




Breaking Gravity (Breaking Drag)

PHX to PHL to ELM October 11 2015 028

Held down by our heaviness,
The drag of our inertia,
The weight of our fears,
The burden of our baggage,
We stay tight to our world.
We fight to remain not only grounded
But so firmly attached to our idea of life
That movement is impossible.

In the laws of spiritual metaphysics,
Propulsion and lift
Gravity and drag.

Propel, propel, propel!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By all you have achieved,
By the infinite ways
Survived and thrived
Measured ONLY against you!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By the love and other gifts
Are giving!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By your drive to be, love, and grow!

Lift, lift, lift!
Allow yourself
Be lifted
By those who love you
They be animal, human, or spirit!
Allow yourself
Be lifted
By the gifts you are receiving!
Allow yourself
Be lifted by those who
Believe in you (even when you won’t)!

Build your runway
From your dreams
To run down
At full speed,
With all your passion,
With all your energy,
With all your faith and surrender!

Sleek and streamlined,
Feel the air glide
Your body, mind, soul, and life
And create a cushion beneath you:
Watch your wheels lift off,
Watch your ground break away,
Watch your old world fall away,
Watch your sky approach!