After When

February 17 2015 049 final

All who you have loved
Have been taken,
Or chased away;

Your home has evaporated,
Taking serenity with it;

The wind carries your copious tears
That fall in a deluge
And the faces in your world
Are totally devoid of joy;

Your spirit was mangled
Beyond your
Own recognition,
And when you spoke
No one, not even you, listened;

Your stomach aches,
Hungering for meals
That are only memories
And night is your only friend;

Tomorrow moves decades away
And redemption
Disappears into your soul’s void;

Your sacred was declared obscene,
The Holy betrayed you,
And the evil left you
For dead and condemned;

Your reasoning
Becomes meaningless
And your intuition
Is over-ruled
By other fools and by your fear;

You can endure
All the chaos and evil
The Universe can give
And still survive, you have
Done well.

You can also stand humbled
(Even when naked and tattered)
As the dawn exposes your desperation,
And still you can rejoice in knowing
That your scars will surely heal,
That you tears will water your garden,
That your hunger will feed you and every soul
You encounter on your path;

Your judgment mates with your intuition
And gives birth to your wisdom,
And you know that being alive
(Even if only barely so)
To greet your dawn
Is The Universe’s gift to you unwrapped
With your every mindful breath;

You can smile at
All that will be
And accept all that is gone,
And love all who are no longer,
And forgive your broken self,
And accept
Who and what will never be
Because you know
Beyond the limits of reason,
Beyond the limits of your history
That the next who, next what, next you
Will miraculously manifest and evolve into
The who, what, and you are meant
To be on
Your evolution far beyond
Your old and obsolete far beyond;

Then and only then
Will you know you,
Then and only then
Will you know bliss,
Then and only then
Will you know faith.



© copyright 2016 John David Higham

I Must Today Visit a Very Dark Place (A Very Evil Place)

Seatec to Windfall 2 20 16 150 Final Final

I must today visit
A very dark place,
(a very evil place)
To be a sunrise with Light and Love,
To free another’s soul imprisoned,
To undertake a new journey
That will also liberate me.
I have now been directed
By the Inner Voice
To be generous of spirit;
To give, and give, and give
Before I embark this morning.

Behold my gifts…

Here is how you find a miracle:
Stop looking with your eyes
And start feeling with your soul
Through mindfulness.
That breath you have,
That love you feel,
That bond you embrace:
Know through gratitude
That they are gifts
Given you by The Universe.
Each moment you know these things
Is a miracle: fear and need arise
From the body, not the soul.

Bliss comes from within
Connect to The Light
In each and every being around you;
Let them love you,
Let you love you,
And bliss will pour through your being.

Faith and surrender
Will guide you
But only if you let them.

Achievement and attainment are empty vessels:
Drink from them when you must,
But accept they are poor substitutes for
The serenity that comes from stillness
The warmth that comes from love
The strength that comes from acceptance.

Beware the trap of abundance
As it has nothing to do with mammon
But instead with miracles,
But instead with love,
But instead with bliss.

Know that each step
You take along your true path
Will bring you greater challenges
That would have crushed
Your older self just months
And years ago
Before you learned transmutation
And spontaneous rebirth.

Beware the trap of transcendence
As being numb doesn’t answer the call
For authenticity and evolution:
Cry and retreat as you must,
Tend to your wounds
And turn those scars
Into the living fabric
Of your courage,
Of your soul,
Of your path.

Do not intoxicate yourself
In the empty quest to find meaning
In the empty quest to articulate meaning
In the empty quest to define others
As these follies are like tissue paper fence posts
On the path; they deceive you
Into thinking you are somehow
More profound than the fool
You have always been,
You have always needed to be:
Know and embrace your role.

Do not invest in asking “Why?” or “How?”
But instead query, “What is my role?”
And be prepared to answer
With action, faith, and love.

Endeavor to know
That the voices who speak to you
Are of Heaven and not of Hell:
Query each on your path
And cleanse yourself
Of the impure.

Know that although your path
Is yours and always yours,
You are never alone;
The Angels are waiting patiently
For you
To seek Them,
To realize that you need Them,
To accept that you deserve Them.

May your soul embrace The Angels,
May your being transmit Light.
May you know that
I am sending The Angels
To you as your eyes
See these words.

These lessons of mine
Are yours also,
Though only if they resonate:
If not, dismiss them
And find what is authentic
On your path.


© Copyright 2016 John David Higham

Will You See The Angels (On Your Darkest Path)?

Windfall Bloss Mountain February 23 2016 234 Edit

Will you see The Angels
On your darkest path,
When bleakness and despair
Winnow all your hope?

Will you see The Angels
In the middle of your storm
That rages within (without end)
And batters you body, mind, and soul?

Will you see The Angels
When the foundations of your life
Are obliterated into a suffocating dust
That buries you upright in mid-step?

What of those times
When you look in the mirror
And do not see
Anyone who loves you;
Will you see The Angels then?

They are not invisible, my friend;
They wait patiently
Through the storms of your tears,
The prisons of your thoughts, and
Your self-imposed tortures
To love you,
To guide you
Beyond the ruins
You call home.


© Copyright 2016 by John David Higham


Sunset Sky Across (The Eternal Rolling Rainbow)

Sunset Sky Aross America 2 2 9 16 007

This angel I am nestled within has wings
Aluminum and titanium
I meditate
A Full Lotus
Thirty-four thousand feet.

Breath in,
Breath out.
Life in,
Life out;
I am
This here and now.

Like a living thread
Me to you,
Me to us,
Me to The Universe.

So far beyond
My silly little body,
My silly little mind,
My silly little life,
My silly little fears;
We are now the sunset sky across,
(The eternal rolling rainbow).
We are of both Earth and Heaven
Painting together
Over our Earth;
See its spectrum
That forms
The abundant farms
The bustling cities?
See its spectrum
That forms
The homeless
The palatial estates?

We are the eternal rainbow
Within and without.
The banners of colors
Finish our every day
As we wage our inner battles
We soften our souls
Know even deeper love
Twenty-four thousand times
As we simultaneous live
Above our own clouds,
After our every dusk,
And through our
Every dark night;
We are this
Eternal rainbow
As we
Our Inner World’s canvas.

Earth and Heaven
Silly little us
The Earth and our Inner World
Over and over again
So that
We can all be love,
So that
We can all embrace it
Our little lives
Evolve into redeemed beings
Beyond anyone
Ever thought possible
With utmost faith
Total surrender.

Breath in,
Breath out,
Breathe though
Each vibration
And embrace
Each shade of all beings.
Life in,
Life out,
Live the cosmic energy
Those sacred spaces
Between Inner World and Earth,
Between Earth and Heaven,
Between sunset and darkness.

We are this life art,
We are this force,
We are this love,
We are this here and now.

Be this beauty of life,
Be this beauty of love,
Be this beauty of light,
Be this beauty of promise,
Be this beauty of abundance,
Be this beauty of bliss;
Be this here and now.

Breath in,
Breath out;
Breathe in
Our sunset sky across
Breathe out
Our eternal rolling rainbow.


Are You Sensitive Enough to Just Be?

January 11 2016 PHX PHL WFL 619

Are you sensitive enough to just be;
Are you mindful enough to embrace
Your darkness
And bring it
Into your light?

Are you calm enough to know
Your own corporeal death
Before it happens,
To accept your path
In the dream world
Before it manifests
In the waking world?

Are you sensitive enough to understand
All things, no matter how painful
The complete truth will be?

Are you mindful enough
To look beyond your eyes,
To listen beyond your ears,
To embrace beyond your skin,
To savior tastes beyond your tongue?

Are you mindful enough
To comprehend beyond your brain,
To be fully aroused beyond your genitals,
To love passionately beyond your heart?

If so,
Just be
Your spirit, your path
The body envelope,
The fear of mortality,
The empty ambitions,
The intoxicating desires:
Evolve into a living poem…


July 14 2015 Sedona and Phoenix 124

I love the power and the thrust
That define takeoff,
The speeding faster than anything
On the ground;
The plane an extension
Of all of my power
Of all of my might
Of all my muscles
Of all my passions,
The jets sucking air
In like my soul summons
The power of The Angels
Flowing through my every cell
While slamming me through
The mundane world
Lifting me suddenly upward
Above what was once my life
And granting me new perspectives
On yet another journey.




When I Knew Light


When I knew Light
And made it more than a memory
As the cloudy day
Turned my world into night;

When I could breathe through
And felt the oxygen
In my lungs;

When I could embrace peace
Even as turmoil and fear
Were crashing through
My soul’s door;

Then I had lived through more than hell,
Became more than merely triumphant,
Became more than merely redeemed;

I became freedom.


The Succubus

December 6 2015 023

A succubus today,
Sampling my nurturance,
Taking hostage The Empress
Giving back
When I asked
To respond

Us both love,
And The Angels…


PHL Sunrise

Sedona Thanksgiving November 26 2015 129

They come
Bringing their bags
Dragging their children.

They’re in baggy jeans
Exercise shorts and baseball hats.

Talking, quietly
Yelling, laughing
Or, mostly in silence
Except for shoes click-clacking.

Holding onto their purses
Or, pulling their rolling bags
As their hands clutch
Their boarding passes.

It’s PHL sunrise
And I smile
As I hear the sounds
Of Spanish, English
And other languages
Flowing to the background
Of Stevie Wonder.

They have dogs,
Kids on rolling cases
That double as kiddie cars.

A couple stops
As I compose.
They see the sunrise
As he holds a bottle
To the mouth
Of his daughter
Strapped to his chest.

“Pretty, isn’t it?”

He nods.
His wife (she looks)
Nods and smiles.
Then they walk away,
Pleased to have found
The PHL sunrise.

Goodnight, Paris. I Love You.

November 13 2015 Windfall 033

“Goodnight, Paris. I love you,”
My daughter Lillian said
After I tucked her in.

Like me, she knew not
The names
The weapons
The ideology
Or the details.

And like me,
She knows only love.

And, like her,
I knew that
Who they were
didn’t matter.
What they used
didn’t matter.
What principles
they espoused
didn’t matter.
What religion
they followed
didn’t matter.

I know who they are,
having seen them
so many times
before on my path:
Always different
in some ways.
Always the same
in just one way.

And, like my daughter,
I know exactly how
to deal with them.

Goodnight, Paris.
I love you…
Sending in The Angels.