Stillness Now

stillness in the form
of the hawk circling
above aging headstones
and my timeless love

warm sun embraces
the tops of my bare feet
and the grass–their grass
tickles my toes and soles

i am here now with them
meditating at their resting places
breathing with none
of the urgency–of the fear
they had so freely given me
when they walked Earth

the sun drifts lower
as evergreens and the hawk
protect me and my breath

yet i feel safer with Mom and Dad
hearing them speak
directing me to tell
my brother how much they love him
sharing that greatness
is headed my way
confident that my ex
will do well in her new life

hawk, trees, sun
all breathing with
my bare feet resting
in the warm cozy grass

literally grounded right now
i re-affirm my pledge
to not get wrapped up in doing
and instead endeavor
to embrace being

stillness now
forever now

Too Much Hatred (Goin’ On)



Too much hatred
Goin’ on,
Too many fingers
Being pointed,
Too few mirrors
Being looked into:
Too much hatred
Goin’ on.

Too much of this you and me,
Too much of this us and them.
Too much fear,
Too much loathin’
Dirtying up the sunrises
Messing with the rainbows.

Too much dogma
Being spouted,
Too much minds
Being closed
And locked away
By our own keys.

Too much evil
Goin’ on,
Being given
Too much power.

Too many walls
Being built,
Blocking our evolution
As instead we crouch
In fear and hatred and blame.

Too much reacting
Instead of being,
Too much judging
Instead of loving.
Too much excluding
Instead of evolving:
Too much hatred
Goin’ on.

The Angels
Weep for us
With our false thirst for rage
And self-righteous indignation
Fueling these empty wars
We wage against long ago brothers
Who are suddenly our enemies.

The Angels are singing:

Let their song
Be your song.
Let their song fill
Your troubled heart,
Let it nurture
Your fragile soul,
Melt your fear
And erase this hatred
Goin’ on.


© Copyright 2016 by John David Higham

Picture: Windfall Sunset (July 2016)

Living, Eyes Full

Windfall October 19 2015 033
My journey through dumb luck into this paradise of miracles,
From numbness to expanding consciousness
Continues to take exactly as much time as I need;
The multiplicity of my follies amuses me.

Pushing against self-imposed limits of my mindset and emotions,
I endeavor to embrace and experience passion
And know my connections to all around me
On all levels in each moment.

Sweet, sweet mindfulness…

Living, eyes full momentarily of light,
Allowing my bliss to vanquish fear and doubt,
Honoring those around me as equals.

Finding light, even when my eyes can’t see it,
Considering the light, even when my mind won’t allow it,
Embracing the sun above my storm clouds
Knowing that more than all my “this” exists,
That my rainbows are waiting at my redeeming
Passages from raging storms to gentle sunlight.

After all, isn’t belief beyond knowing
Giving in to faith not the same as giving up?

Sometimes my believing has a basis only in my heart
Though it always involves being aware.
My faith is incomplete
Without my surrender
To The Angels
Who simultaneously raise me above the mundane
While keeping me grounded.

Faith and surrender:
Being my path,
Being in my moment,
Asking The Angels,
“Are you with me?”
And listening with my soul
To their answer.

“Yes,” they always respond
I laugh at myself
Having needed to ask yet again.

One Foot In, One Foot Out: Our Cross-Country Passion

Brainbridge Washington Hitchcocks 3 10 10 15

One foot in,
One foot out.
Our cross-country passion
Defined by adventurous love.

Guided by The Spirits
Bound by Our Love;
Crazy, crazy love,
Crazy, crazy laughter.

Miles (2200) are nothing,
Moments (infinite) are everything.
Spirits (infinite) are dancing,
Hearts (2) are interwoven.

One foot in,
One foot out,
One life here,
One life there.

Throughout our marriage
Our essences mingle,
Our words exchange,
Our love grows.

When together, we cuddle.
When apart, we touch.
Always loving, we evolve
As she, me, and us.

So many transcended hells,
So many shattered loves:
Now just memories
And fully-embraced lessons.

One foot in,
One foot out,
One life here,
One life there:
Our love lives

A Gathering Storm at Sunset

Phoenix to Windfall 10 13 2015 088

A gathering storm at sunset greeted my return to my distant home,
The sun given only the slightest piece of sky as darkened clouds
Settled across the hillside, itself shorn of its crops;
All in anticipation of a cold damp rain that invited memories
Of past vibrant fall days rapidly yielding to harsh winters.

My mailbox, earlier filled by the postman in his battered jeep
Now occupied my attention as I made my way through offers, bills, and magazines
Ignoring the magical art The Universe was busy painting on the horizon
Until the piercing light flowed from hilltop to my colorblind eyes.

My lap full of mail, I slowly guided my car away from the end of the drive
And saw the gathering storm at sunset not only with my eyes and heard its few
Heavy rain drops not only with my ears, but disembarked from my vehicle
And became one with it as I experienced the magic of The Universe.

Breaking Gravity (Breaking Drag)

PHX to PHL to ELM October 11 2015 028

Held down by our heaviness,
The drag of our inertia,
The weight of our fears,
The burden of our baggage,
We stay tight to our world.
We fight to remain not only grounded
But so firmly attached to our idea of life
That movement is impossible.

In the laws of spiritual metaphysics,
Propulsion and lift
Gravity and drag.

Propel, propel, propel!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By all you have achieved,
By the infinite ways
Survived and thrived
Measured ONLY against you!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By the love and other gifts
Are giving!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By your drive to be, love, and grow!

Lift, lift, lift!
Allow yourself
Be lifted
By those who love you
They be animal, human, or spirit!
Allow yourself
Be lifted
By the gifts you are receiving!
Allow yourself
Be lifted by those who
Believe in you (even when you won’t)!

Build your runway
From your dreams
To run down
At full speed,
With all your passion,
With all your energy,
With all your faith and surrender!

Sleek and streamlined,
Feel the air glide
Your body, mind, soul, and life
And create a cushion beneath you:
Watch your wheels lift off,
Watch your ground break away,
Watch your old world fall away,
Watch your sky approach!

BeDoKnow (A Chant)

September 26 2015 173

BeDoKnow                                                Love
KnowBelieveBreathe                            Love
BreatheEmbraceFeel                            Love
FeelLoveNow                                           Love
BreatheLoveNow                                    Love
KnowLoveNow                                        Love
BreatheLoveNow                                    Love
BeLoveNow.                                             Love

BeDoKnow…                                             LoveLoveLove

I Apologize 2 No 1

September 26 2015 111

I Apologize
4 being
Even IF.

I apologize
4 being
Even IF
My being makes
U uncomfortable.

I apologize
4 living beyond
My past pain
4 loving beyond
My past loves
Even IF
U can’t embrace that.

I apologize
4 not being good enough
4 not being man enough
4 not being nurturing enough
Even IF
U can’t honor my path.

I apologize
4 knowing souls
4 dancing with spirits
4 experiencing other’s feelings
Even IF
That scares
And doesn’t fit
In your narrow mind.

I apologize
4 being like a tree
4 reaching skyward
4 growing deeper my roots
Even IF
U can’t be inspired,
U can’t grow, and
U can’t be alive.

I apologize
4 being a grounded dreamer
4 writing my soul
4 the worlds inside my head
Even IF
U judge,
U mock, and
U condemn.

I apologize
4 really loving me
Even IF
U r envious
U can’t be a miracle, and
U can’t embrace miracles.

I apologize
4 embracing bliss
Even IF
U flock to pain,
U welcome hurt, and
U seek out disappointment.

I apologize
4 honoring U
4 honoring your path,
Even IF
U can’t give 2 me
The same honors.

The Lynx, The King, The World (Lights within Shining)

July 14 2015 Sedona and Phoenix 093

The lynx, the king, the world
(Lights within shining):
No simple trio,
These three
Making themselves known
A brilliant burst
Like a volcanic rainbow
From the Heavens,
From the Earth:
Heaven to Earth,
Earth to Heaven
Celestial current
Passing through
A spiritual wire my body.

The spirit manifesting
The lynx,
The king,
The world.

The lynx, the king, the world
(Voices within calling):
Asking within
Telling within
Showing within
Faster and faster
The insights they bring
Tickle my consciousness
Move me beyond thinking
Move me beyond knowing
Move me beyond the mundane
Immerse me
In the profound stillness
Of this moment unending.

The lynx, the king, the world
(Awareness within emerging):
The secrets within
The secrets without
The secrets of past
The secrets of now
See in the faces
Strangers no more,
Hear in the unspoken whispers
Wounded children healing,
Touch in the flesh
Still weeping souls.

The lynx, the king, the world
(Trumpets within blaring):
The song within
The dance within
The wonder within:
Be aware
How it connects
The you
The me
Vibrating like waves
This universe’s spectrum.

The lynx, the king, the world
(Wonder within growing):
The eternal immersion
World of wonder
Taken by the what ifs,
Taken by the how thens,
Taken by the new worlds
All around me.
No longer the hermit
No longer ashamed
No longer desperate
No longer
The lone
My prisoner’s perspective:

The lynx, the king, the world
(Limbs within moving):
Dancing among abundance
That is good,
That is right,
That is blissful
The tower collapses

This Place We Call Love (To Kathy)

With Love 6 23 15

Caught as we were
Between then and then
Between them and them
Moments made into nightmares
We so often left behind.

I am
Writing on the wind
You sleep
Miles below
Miles behind,
Your smile inspires me
Your touch calms me
Your words calm me.

We are The Lovers
We are this path
Regardless of its turns
Regardless of its challenges.

We are The Lovers
Living in this place we call love
Loving across the miles
Bound by our hearts
Bound by our souls
Bound by our love.

As I now sit
Spread out across three plane
My computer dimly lit
My fingers again
Unabashedly proclaim
My love
Your love
Our love,
I hear your laughter
The quiet
Our nights
Erupting from
Inside jokes,
Body noises,
The challenges of our world,
Dealt with lightly and with wit.

This place we call love
This place we call love
Has no limits of space
Has no limits of time
Has no limits of being.

This place we call love
Is ours
All ours
For an eternity.