When Visions Come

September 26 2015 111

When visions come
All these things
I see I hear I taste I smell I feel
That you and you and you
Cannot will not ever want to
Come flowing through my consciousness
Coursing like water through a pipe
Creating endless curiosities
In my silly logical mind

These visions are not me not mine
Not you not yours
But are briefly of me of mine
Of us of them of everyone
As they cross my awareness
In dreams in waking slumber

Death love pain bliss success failure
All woven into a cosmic blanket
Draped over my naked soul
I am nobody I am everybody just then
I am that vision that scene that place
So torn away from my corporeal self
Wandering Earth a lost and found spirit
Until it drifts away to memory
Until it becomes manifest
In the now in the then in the later

You must warn them
The fearful say
Saving the innocent
And defeating the demons

You must use them
The ambitious say
Taking all that is yours
And manifesting your destiny

You must disown them
The religious say
For knowing such things is evil
And you must please God

You must stop them
The doctors preach
For having visions is crazy
And require me be treated

No mortal not even I
Know my role my sanity
Even after visions come
Am I cold to the victims’ blood
For listening to The Angels
Who speak from beyond religion
Who speak from beyond morals
Who speak from beyond reason
Who speak to enlighten me

No Devil No God
I have looked into both eyes
And felt their touches
In my spirit in my life

I am
My path my future my past
A thousand times each moment
Knowing what is mine
Knowing what is yours
The visions make them ours
For an eternal moment

Knowing being doing
Are the eternal problems
Grounding grounding grounding
Meditating meditating meditating
Fasting fasting fasting
Are the eternal solutions
When visions come


Copyright © 2018 John David Higham: All Rights Reserved
Photo: The Solitary Tree (Windfall: September 2015)

When I Am the Rainbow


When I am the rainbow
And the colors are mine,
And my colorblindness means nothing,
And my failure
And my achievements
Mean nothing.

When I am the multiple light rays
Moving united across the universe,
Showing its spectrum
For all to know,
For all to see,
For all to pause.

When I am more
Than my body,
When I am more
Than my debts,
When I am more
Than my anxieties,
When I am more
Than my definitions:
Then my soul is again vibrant.

See how this
Glistening ray of color
Bursts from my third eye
Across the sky
Behind the thunderous storms
Above it,
Above the churning waters
Beneath it,
Beneath the heavens
Blessing this union of sun and water.

Find this union, this rainbow
Within you
And live its colors
As they line your path,
As they enliven your journey,
As they enlighten your soul.

You are then the rainbow…


© Copyright 2016 by John David Higham

Photo: Being the Rainbow (Niagara Falls, May 2016)



The Succubus

December 6 2015 023

A succubus today,
Sampling my nurturance,
Taking hostage The Empress
Giving back
When I asked
To respond

Us both love,
And The Angels…


I Was My Father (Dream Note)

December 5 2015 Windfall 101

I was my father
Dressed in an old hospital gown and pajamas,
Shuffling barefoot and alone in the brightly-lit ward
As I made my way to the stairs.

I was my father
Finding my navy blue station wagon
In the hospital’s vacant parking lot,
The vehicle unlocked and devoid of my wife and kids.

I was my father
Sliding into the driver’s seat on that bright spring day,
Accepting that the Ford started itself without a key
And shifted into gear as I gently held the wheel.

On empty suburban New Jersey streets,
My vehicle crept toward a home I no longer recalled,
The transmission failing as I wondered why,
Where everyone had gone, and how I was going.

I was my father
Again sitting behind my wheel
Looking at my quiet streets
From my vacant parking lot
Outside my empty hospital
In my station wagon without my wife or kids
On my sunny afternoon.

I was my father
In my driver’s seat,
Gently releasing my steering wheel
In my now eternally-parked wagon…

I was my father’s last dream
As my night gently became noon;
Sunlight streaming through my curtain,
His love streaming through my soul.


Hitler or Jesus Poetic Quiz (Laughing Buddha Knows)

January 2015 Pics Videos 1536 Laughing Buddha

Hitler or Jesus:
Which are you?
(Laughing Buddha knows.)

Shall I
Choose to lie at your feet
The Fuehrer
The Savior?

Will your miracles
Only over men
Over all of creation?

Hitler or Jesus?
(Laughing Buddha knows.)

Can you save my eternal life
Just my bank account and lifestyle?
I gotta know.

Tell me:
Is your Holiness
From God?

Have you ascended from Hell
With mere moments until your final descent
Have you descended from Heaven
With an eternity to spend there?

Hitler or Jesus?
(Laughing Buddha knows.)

Do your words bring truth, love, and salvation
Are they merely deceptions manufactured
To allay my deepest fears?

Do you command vast armies
Battalions of Angels?

Are you motivated by desire
Of salvation and rebirth?

Hitler or Jesus?
(Laughing Buddha knows.)

Laughing Buddha tells me.
Is not fooled
By the deceptions
Your followers,
Whether they are working
Sanctify your evil
Quoting scripture
Justify their own evil.


Phoenix to Windfall 10 13 2015 086

When you are living beyond your soul
Being nourished by the Light of The Angels,
Walking beyond your legs
Thinking beyond your brain
And feeling with your every cell;

When your spirit is electric
Sparks flying throughout your aura,
Magic is your breath
Passion is your blood
And fearless love is your vibration;

When you become art
After sloughing off useless layers,
Embracing pure healing energies
And others flow through your presence
As equals glowing throughout;

Then you have embraced bliss
And become the laughing Buddha
In each moment you sojourn
In the waking and dream worlds.

Embrace and carry bliss;
Scatter its seeds on humanity’s soil
Again and again and again…

Breaking Gravity (Breaking Drag)

PHX to PHL to ELM October 11 2015 028

Held down by our heaviness,
The drag of our inertia,
The weight of our fears,
The burden of our baggage,
We stay tight to our world.
We fight to remain not only grounded
But so firmly attached to our idea of life
That movement is impossible.

In the laws of spiritual metaphysics,
Propulsion and lift
Gravity and drag.

Propel, propel, propel!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By all you have achieved,
By the infinite ways
Survived and thrived
Measured ONLY against you!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By the love and other gifts
Are giving!
Allow yourself
Be propelled
By your drive to be, love, and grow!

Lift, lift, lift!
Allow yourself
Be lifted
By those who love you
They be animal, human, or spirit!
Allow yourself
Be lifted
By the gifts you are receiving!
Allow yourself
Be lifted by those who
Believe in you (even when you won’t)!

Build your runway
From your dreams
To run down
At full speed,
With all your passion,
With all your energy,
With all your faith and surrender!

Sleek and streamlined,
Feel the air glide
Your body, mind, soul, and life
And create a cushion beneath you:
Watch your wheels lift off,
Watch your ground break away,
Watch your old world fall away,
Watch your sky approach!

Her Time

September 20 Kueka Wine Trail 1311

A summer’s night
Solitude evaporated
After the call.
“Tell me what you see,”
Her scared daughter said
Before going to pray.

My body
Knew sensations:
My stomach went tight,
My throat went tight.
My mind started racing,
My heart started pounding,
My tears started flowing.


Back to my here and now
Back to me.
Back to not me.

My head ached
My joints ached
My skin burned.


Back to my here and now.
Back to not me.
But, to she
Name and pain
I now knew.

My body now running
Under the moon
Around the pear tree,
My mouth now chanting,
“I feel it is her time,
I know it is her time.
Sending in The Angels
Sending in The Light.”

The pear tree, I ran
The full moon
Until her sad daughter told me
She was now with The Angels.

BeDoKnow (A Chant)

September 26 2015 173

BeDoKnow                                                Love
KnowBelieveBreathe                            Love
BreatheEmbraceFeel                            Love
FeelLoveNow                                           Love
BreatheLoveNow                                    Love
KnowLoveNow                                        Love
BreatheLoveNow                                    Love
BeLoveNow.                                             Love

BeDoKnow…                                             LoveLoveLove

I Apologize 2 No 1

September 26 2015 111

I Apologize
4 being
Even IF.

I apologize
4 being
Even IF
My being makes
U uncomfortable.

I apologize
4 living beyond
My past pain
4 loving beyond
My past loves
Even IF
U can’t embrace that.

I apologize
4 not being good enough
4 not being man enough
4 not being nurturing enough
Even IF
U can’t honor my path.

I apologize
4 knowing souls
4 dancing with spirits
4 experiencing other’s feelings
Even IF
That scares
And doesn’t fit
In your narrow mind.

I apologize
4 being like a tree
4 reaching skyward
4 growing deeper my roots
Even IF
U can’t be inspired,
U can’t grow, and
U can’t be alive.

I apologize
4 being a grounded dreamer
4 writing my soul
4 the worlds inside my head
Even IF
U judge,
U mock, and
U condemn.

I apologize
4 really loving me
Even IF
U r envious
U can’t be a miracle, and
U can’t embrace miracles.

I apologize
4 embracing bliss
Even IF
U flock to pain,
U welcome hurt, and
U seek out disappointment.

I apologize
4 honoring U
4 honoring your path,
Even IF
U can’t give 2 me
The same honors.