Without Pen (No Life I)

There calls me
Solitude needs me
I need nothing
I need no one

Pen in my hand
I am complete
Soul bursting to leak out
Without Pen
(No life I)

Words, approximations
Of here and now
Moments lost
Like unrepentant ghosts
This soul I bleed
Through my pen’s point
In life’s forests

Without a word
(No life I)
Instead living without description
Sensing without meaning
Flowing into a void
So lost so dead

My letters are my words
Are my sentences are my paragraphs
Are my pages are my books
Are my collections
Are my soul are my essence
Growing to places beyond
The ground scraping
My belly and the sun
Burning my skin

I am
I am me
I am you
I am us just then
In that blessed union
Of pen to paper
Of fingertip to keyboard
Of words
Of worlds
Joining me to you
Though no one can compete
With all those worlds
Inside my head
That I keep discovering
While contemplating
No one living being

Still I shall
Leave you crumbs
Shaped like letters
On the floor
Of this forest
Read my words
Embrace your worlds
Hurry hurry
Hurry before
Ravens and crows
Eat them all


Copyright © 2018 by John David Higham: All Rights Reserved
Photo: EXIT 152 (July 2018)

On This Road I Walk


On this road I walk,
I saw a mountain
That was such a mountain
That was a barrier
That was a wall,
Stopping me from moving
Stopping me from living
Stopping me from being.

On this road I walk
I saw a cloud
That was such a cloud
That was a darkened crown
That was a Night Angel,
Stopping me from breathing
And filling my mind
With thoughts of retreating
With thoughts of failing
With thoughts of surrender.

On this road I walk
I saw the sun lighting
That was such glowing lights
Breaking through the gray veil,
Melting away my fear
Melting away my surrender
Melting away my failure
Until this mountain
Until this cloud
Until this road
Once again

On this road I walk
And sun
Guide me this day
Guide me this path
Guide me this life.

© 2016 by John David Higham: All Rights Reserved
Photo: White Christmas 2016 (Thunder Mountain, Sedona, 12/25/16)

A Gathering Storm at Sunset

Phoenix to Windfall 10 13 2015 088

A gathering storm at sunset greeted my return to my distant home,
The sun given only the slightest piece of sky as darkened clouds
Settled across the hillside, itself shorn of its crops;
All in anticipation of a cold damp rain that invited memories
Of past vibrant fall days rapidly yielding to harsh winters.

My mailbox, earlier filled by the postman in his battered jeep
Now occupied my attention as I made my way through offers, bills, and magazines
Ignoring the magical art The Universe was busy painting on the horizon
Until the piercing light flowed from hilltop to my colorblind eyes.

My lap full of mail, I slowly guided my car away from the end of the drive
And saw the gathering storm at sunset not only with my eyes and heard its few
Heavy rain drops not only with my ears, but disembarked from my vehicle
And became one with it as I experienced the magic of The Universe.

Her Time

September 20 Kueka Wine Trail 1311

A summer’s night
Solitude evaporated
After the call.
“Tell me what you see,”
Her scared daughter said
Before going to pray.

My body
Knew sensations:
My stomach went tight,
My throat went tight.
My mind started racing,
My heart started pounding,
My tears started flowing.


Back to my here and now
Back to me.
Back to not me.

My head ached
My joints ached
My skin burned.


Back to my here and now.
Back to not me.
But, to she
Name and pain
I now knew.

My body now running
Under the moon
Around the pear tree,
My mouth now chanting,
“I feel it is her time,
I know it is her time.
Sending in The Angels
Sending in The Light.”

The pear tree, I ran
The full moon
Until her sad daughter told me
She was now with The Angels.

Sunset on Puget Sound

October 3 2015 Edmonds 166

Sunset on Puget Sound

Setting sun
Leaves its day behind

Mountain waits
For moon
And its night.



Above bay,
Birds squawk
Making moon smile.

Sun must go
Bring its day

Must stay behind,
Watching day

Sun across sky
Fail or success.

Bay and sea
Share waters;
Eternal kisses
Lapping at shore.