Eating in Seattle (Cannabis Sky)

Edmonds Oct 7 2015 341

When I ate in Seattle,
A puff of cannabis
The anonymous air
Under a
Rainy overcast sky:
I was a Cannabis Sky.

It could have been Wednesday
As faceless people passed.

I knew this couple:
I could feel his eyes
Looking straight ahead.
He thought about his children,
Embracing sadness.

I considered sampling the cheese tray
As I spied the Space Needle
Out the window,
Across the street,
And just beneath the clouds.

I really knew this couple:
I could see the insecurity
In her eyes
As she looked at people
Without making eye contact
She considered her husband,
So lost in his children.

I contemplated playing chess
With my LoverWife
Later that night
After we finished our cheese platter
Digested our Raymond Carver.

I know people
When their joy
When their sadness
When their thoughts
Penetrate the Cannabis Sky
Knowing all experiences
Pass through me like spirits.

Knowing isn’t owning,
It’s just being
So fully alive
In the here and now
Under the Empathic Sky.