When the Sunrise Finds You (Ode to MLK)


When the sunrise finds you
And the new day’s promises fill your soul
With joy and eager expectation of abundance
Will you allow it to flow through you
And touch everyone on your path
Or will you instead keep it just for yourself
And those you alone deem worthy?

When crops sprout from the earth
In a celebration of growth and the abundant harvest
Will you feed not only those at your table
But also though who can’t find a place at the feast
And must subsist on those scraps you’ve dropped?

When you discover the warmth of love and tenderness
Knowing and surrendering to your lover’s touch and embracing
The world as only beautiful moments and possibilities
Will you endeavor to create and support this for everyone
Or only those who look, act, and love like you?

When you know your strength and it blossoms your hope
Will you use it to help others who do not know hope
Or will you instead enslave it and make good coin
As you distance yourself from the misery you now created?

When evil comes in the form of hatred and threatens all you are
Will you protect only yourself by running and hiding, sheltering
Yourself in dogma and fear instead of becoming a lifeboat
That others may embrace to know the safety that you’ve always had?

When the sunrise finds you
Will you share your sunrises
Will you share your feasts
Will you share your love
Will you share your strength
Will you share your safety
And spread this sunrise all across this land?

© 2017 by John David Higham: All Rights Reserved
Photo: MLK Sunrise (Windfall, 1/16/17)

Can You Receive Your Gifts?

September 26 2015 113


In the morning
When your fears wake you,
Can you instead
Hear the sunrise
Call your name?
Can you listen to the morning birds
And know their song
Is your song too?

Can you see
Your gifts all around you
Before the mundane
World throws obstacles
In your path?

Can you see
The tree and know
How you
Are that tree,
Strong and proud,
Connecting to both
Ground and sky?

Can you see
The wind and know
That you are moving
As it is moving,
The both of you
Gliding over,
Gliding around obstacles?

Can you see
The deer and know
That you are gentle,
That you can be gentle
To yourself and
Polluting your moments
With worry,
Polluting your moments
With fear?

Can you see
The grass growing
On the hillside
And know that
Such simple beauty
Is your beauty
In both
The here and now
For an eternity?

Can you touch
Your heart
And send yourself
Love and comfort
The way you
Would a hurt child?

Can you receive the gifts
You are being given;
Can you know your gifts?

Accept your gifts
For even the simplest one
Is a great blessing
And will help you
See The Angels.



© copyright 2016 John David Higham

I Must Today Visit a Very Dark Place (A Very Evil Place)

Seatec to Windfall 2 20 16 150 Final Final

I must today visit
A very dark place,
(a very evil place)
To be a sunrise with Light and Love,
To free another’s soul imprisoned,
To undertake a new journey
That will also liberate me.
I have now been directed
By the Inner Voice
To be generous of spirit;
To give, and give, and give
Before I embark this morning.

Behold my gifts…

Here is how you find a miracle:
Stop looking with your eyes
And start feeling with your soul
Through mindfulness.
That breath you have,
That love you feel,
That bond you embrace:
Know through gratitude
That they are gifts
Given you by The Universe.
Each moment you know these things
Is a miracle: fear and need arise
From the body, not the soul.

Bliss comes from within
Connect to The Light
In each and every being around you;
Let them love you,
Let you love you,
And bliss will pour through your being.

Faith and surrender
Will guide you
But only if you let them.

Achievement and attainment are empty vessels:
Drink from them when you must,
But accept they are poor substitutes for
The serenity that comes from stillness
The warmth that comes from love
The strength that comes from acceptance.

Beware the trap of abundance
As it has nothing to do with mammon
But instead with miracles,
But instead with love,
But instead with bliss.

Know that each step
You take along your true path
Will bring you greater challenges
That would have crushed
Your older self just months
And years ago
Before you learned transmutation
And spontaneous rebirth.

Beware the trap of transcendence
As being numb doesn’t answer the call
For authenticity and evolution:
Cry and retreat as you must,
Tend to your wounds
And turn those scars
Into the living fabric
Of your courage,
Of your soul,
Of your path.

Do not intoxicate yourself
In the empty quest to find meaning
In the empty quest to articulate meaning
In the empty quest to define others
As these follies are like tissue paper fence posts
On the path; they deceive you
Into thinking you are somehow
More profound than the fool
You have always been,
You have always needed to be:
Know and embrace your role.

Do not invest in asking “Why?” or “How?”
But instead query, “What is my role?”
And be prepared to answer
With action, faith, and love.

Endeavor to know
That the voices who speak to you
Are of Heaven and not of Hell:
Query each on your path
And cleanse yourself
Of the impure.

Know that although your path
Is yours and always yours,
You are never alone;
The Angels are waiting patiently
For you
To seek Them,
To realize that you need Them,
To accept that you deserve Them.

May your soul embrace The Angels,
May your being transmit Light.
May you know that
I am sending The Angels
To you as your eyes
See these words.

These lessons of mine
Are yours also,
Though only if they resonate:
If not, dismiss them
And find what is authentic
On your path.


© Copyright 2016 John David Higham

PHL Sunrise

Sedona Thanksgiving November 26 2015 129

They come
Bringing their bags
Dragging their children.

They’re in baggy jeans
Exercise shorts and baseball hats.

Talking, quietly
Yelling, laughing
Or, mostly in silence
Except for shoes click-clacking.

Holding onto their purses
Or, pulling their rolling bags
As their hands clutch
Their boarding passes.

It’s PHL sunrise
And I smile
As I hear the sounds
Of Spanish, English
And other languages
Flowing to the background
Of Stevie Wonder.

They have dogs,
Kids on rolling cases
That double as kiddie cars.

A couple stops
As I compose.
They see the sunrise
As he holds a bottle
To the mouth
Of his daughter
Strapped to his chest.

“Pretty, isn’t it?”

He nods.
His wife (she looks)
Nods and smiles.
Then they walk away,
Pleased to have found
The PHL sunrise.