January 11 2016 PHX PHL WFL 673 Modfied

Miles to go before I can pause
My companion the road holds me safely in its embrace
Asphalt lover unwinding beneath my tires
How I love to be grounded and rolling

Where all is possible in your flowing lanes
Where adventure and possibility are waiting
Where miles evaporate in Mindfulness Meditation
And my muses dance on the pavement
Rubber, creativity, and road are the happy trio
As I grab my voice recorder and take another note

My mind dances so freely between those lines
That make up each lane
I feel it speeding so rapidly no matter
The limits imposed by signs I whiz by or drift past
Ensconced in my moving pod
I playing songs over and over again
As thoughts, images, and lines of dialogue
Burst forth and make their way to my lips
And digital recorder

Transient car and truck cities moving inspire me
As we jockey for position
Swearing laughing and smiling at each other
Though the professionals pay us no mind
For them the road is a thirty-thousand pound office

At times, a million miles left is a welcome break
At others, one mile seems more like swatch of asphalt
Stretching infinitely painfully beyond breaking
Over so many damned hills and equally as damned valleys
Never surrendering a hint as to its hoped-for end
At those times, it is a vapid creative purgatory
Limbo untouched by favorite songs or phone calls

LuvB2URoad as you simultaneously take me
Away from and lead me to wonderful worlds
Corporeal, imagined, and metaphysical
My journey limited only by the gas in my tank

Going, going, going
Flowing, flowing, flowing
While fully swaddled
In my rolling meditation temple


Copyright (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.
Photo: Infinity’s Road (Lehigh Tunnel, 2015)



look, look, look
Me, Me, Me

here and there
with this and that
each selfie spiritual

always up
always hashtagged
always posing
always poised

such a thrill

cloaked in prosperity
escape with me
checkmark, heart, smiley
emoticons ate emotions

emotionally so intelligent
being so mindful
feels so really
Me, Me, Me

Copyright 2019, All Rights Reserved

Photo: Limo2PHL2LAX (Philadelphia, July 2019)

This Journey of Journeys (Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry)

PHL to SETAC to Sedona 3 20 16 331

This journey of journeys
I have just taken
Across highways
Slow and fast,
Across the sky,
High and low;
How I laughed,
How I loved,
How I created,
How I evolved.

This journey of journeys
When I spoke,
When I sat in silence,
When I touched LoverWife,
When I meditated,
As numerous worlds
Passed my windows,
Embraced my consciousness,
And flowed through my soul.

This life beyond those lives
I had previously lived;
Those myriad preparations
Which have brought me here.
This me now way beyond me then
Past the me,
Past the who
Once along,
Once were
My path;
Their spirits not forgotten
And their lessons not forsaken
Though the latter are memories
And passionate inspiration for
Evolving wisdom,
Evolving adventures
On my journey of journeys.


© copyright 2016 John David Higham


July 14 2015 Sedona and Phoenix 124

I love the power and the thrust
That define takeoff,
The speeding faster than anything
On the ground;
The plane an extension
Of all of my power
Of all of my might
Of all my muscles
Of all my passions,
The jets sucking air
In like my soul summons
The power of The Angels
Flowing through my every cell
While slamming me through
The mundane world
Lifting me suddenly upward
Above what was once my life
And granting me new perspectives
On yet another journey.




PHL Sunrise

Sedona Thanksgiving November 26 2015 129

They come
Bringing their bags
Dragging their children.

They’re in baggy jeans
Exercise shorts and baseball hats.

Talking, quietly
Yelling, laughing
Or, mostly in silence
Except for shoes click-clacking.

Holding onto their purses
Or, pulling their rolling bags
As their hands clutch
Their boarding passes.

It’s PHL sunrise
And I smile
As I hear the sounds
Of Spanish, English
And other languages
Flowing to the background
Of Stevie Wonder.

They have dogs,
Kids on rolling cases
That double as kiddie cars.

A couple stops
As I compose.
They see the sunrise
As he holds a bottle
To the mouth
Of his daughter
Strapped to his chest.

“Pretty, isn’t it?”

He nods.
His wife (she looks)
Nods and smiles.
Then they walk away,
Pleased to have found
The PHL sunrise.