Sometimes I Forget

January 11 2016 PHX PHL WFL 673 Modfied
Sometimes I forget
That I tunneled through more mountains
Before I was twenty
Than most people do their entire lives.

Sometimes I forget
That I deserve to be proud
Of who I was,
Of who I am,
Who I will be.

Sometimes I forget
That I have accepted my every mistake,
Made every amend I could (and more)
And am grateful at having been forgiven.

Sometimes I forget
How deserving I am
Of love,
Of bliss,
Of abundance.

Sometimes I forget
How much I am capable of doing;
How even though to others it looked easy,
It was an intense challenge and a struggle.

Sometimes I forget
That failure no longer exists
And that mistakes
Are introductions to lessons
I know that I will learn.

Sometimes I forget
Instead getting so caught up
In the
In the
In the
Which swirls around me
And sucks me in without warning.

Sometimes I forget
How strong,
How sensitive,
How resilient I am.

Sometimes I forget
That I am never alone,
That I am loved and respected;
And that I earned those gifts,
And continue to deserve them.

Sometimes I forget
That this is not my first mountain
And that I do not need
To tunnel through it
On my own.

Sometimes I forget
How to be mindful
How to be still
How to be.

Sometimes I forget
The daily miracles,
The Angels,
And my optimism.

Sometimes I forget,
But then The Universe
Bitch slaps me into remembering,
Reminding me to simultaneously reach
Deep within myself through meditation
Outward through poetry
I again recall all those past tunnels,
Know again my determination and self-confidence,
Acknowledge with gratitude and love
The Angels and the people on my path,
And once again
Heed my Inner Voice.

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