So Me “O” (Social Media Orgasm)

October 1 2014 053

selfies are the binary microdots connecting our souls
i use to build my day
and send to you
with a simple typing of my fingers and, *CLICK*
the bait is set

post and tag, me, baby
post and tag

now, for the endless moments stretching through dull stuff like driving, eating,
breathing, shitting, watching Netflix, pissing, or just lying in bed

all the while waiting, waiting, waiting
for your like, your heart emoji, and your words so rapidly tossed into cyberspace
that’s it’s really just your first superficial impulse
or maybe something longer that you’ve maybe even, yes, yes, proofed and edited

or shared across the So Me Universe, my memes, reactions, witty little put down
misappropriation of a So Me piece of So Me trash just drifting in cyberspace
going viral is the
So Me “O”
with millions of viewers taking less than five seconds from their wonderful lives as they drive, eat, breathe, shit, watch Netflix, piss, or just lie in bed
to connect the microdots and drop virtual acid in our world wide vapidity

a click
a like
a heart
a share

So Me “O” over and over again

until the next meme comes along…


copyright 2019: all rights reserved

photo: Sleeping Selfie (Windfall, 2015ish)

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